The Abbreviated History of the
New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

During the 1930’s, Professor Walter A. West organized a choir named the Sacred Cross Senior Choir. After this choir made its impact in the city of Detroit, it became a church by divine inspiration given to Mother Dora Sanford. The founding committee for the church included Oscar Swint, Dora Sanford, Eva Mae Rose, and Brother W.H. Simmons. This committee met at the home of Annie Coleman to organize a church in November of 1939. They named the church after the choir: the Sacred Cross Baptist Church. It started with a membership of sixty (60) people. In 1940, the Rev. Mozelle L. Franklin was chosen as the first pastor of the church.

The church that was planted in November of 1939 as the ‘Sacred Cross Baptist Church’ is now known as the New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. We give God the glory for sustaining this church in Detroit, MI since 1939. To date, this church has had seven (7) pastors. Here are their names and tenures in order:

  1. Rev. Mozelle L. Franklin: 1940-1957
  2. Rev. Sidney L. Hampton, Sr: 1957-1958
  3. Rev. Joseph S. Sutton: 1959-1965
  4. Rev. Arthur Carruthers: 1965-1995
  5. Rev. Albert Weathers: 1997-1999
  6. Rev. Tolan J. Morgan, Sr: 2001-2015
  7. Rev. Christopher J. Murry: 2016-present

The latest move of God at New St. Paul occurred in April of 2008 when we purchased an 8-acre campus as our next church location in Warren, MI. Today, we are continuing to go & grow in the Lord. He is the One that adds to the church daily.

We praise our Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church for what He’s done in the life of the New St. Paul Church. He has kept this church over the years through nine (9) locations, four (4) name changes, and seven (7) pastors. The Lord has also kept New St. Paul through a countless number of people who have expressed their love, loyalty, and salvation to Christ through membership, ministry, and service over the past seven (7) decades. The New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church reflects and confirms the revelation recorded by the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 3:6-7 “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that plants any thing, neither he that waters; but God that gives the increase.”

Mission Statement


New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
is a church established to
celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ,
convert the lost to Jesus Christ,
change lives for Jesus Christ and
continue the love of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish these goals through
worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism,
ministry and stewardship.